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One of my specialties is CD cover art. While I utilize computer graphics such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, I am equally skilled at creating freehand drawings and paintings.

I pride myself on my ability to communicate with clients, understand their needs and develop exactly what they want in the style that complements their music.

I also design posters, business cards or any other promotional materials that will help you successfully promote your band or music related business.


.Cheeztones Cd Cover


,,,,,,,,,,,,,.Cheeztones CD cover

Luminous Lagoon
Storyteller CD cover

CD Cover art

Nobody's Darlin'
2 Panel CD Cover
Nobody's Darlin' CD cover

The Weatherheads
4 Panel CD Cover

CD cover art - The Weatherheads

Rawhide Jackson
Band Logo
Band Logo for Rawhide Jackson
Rawhide Jackson
CD Package

 CD Package for Rawhide Jackson

Nobody's Darlin' Cd Cover
Concept #1
Nobody's Darlin' CD Cover
Concept #2
Rover Graphics cds
Frog Playing Banjo Logo